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How To Choose a Moving Company

How to choose a moving company, the first step you’re going to have to do is come up with a budget. Moving company’s are going to range from $250- $400 Hourly for the first 2 hours and $100 – $150 each additional hour(s). With that in mind make sure you have a good amount saved for extra expenses that might pop up, for example if you live on the third floor of your apartment complex it’s most likely going to take a longer time for the movers to get everything up and down the stairs. Especially if the corners are tight.

 Moving Company Reviews

What’s most important now a days are reviews. Most bad and non-reliable moving companies are going to have bad reviews. Reviews on Google and Yelp as well as Facebook doesn’t allow you to alter reviews, so it’s a good place to start looking. Also keep a look out for Yelp, Yelp shows the best review’s if the bid is high. In other words; If a company pays them, they will show the best reviews first.

Friends and Family Referrals

Friends and family won’t steer you in the wrong direction… Hopefully. Get referrals but also do your research because your friends or family member could have just gotten a good team. As how many trucks and full-time employees they have. If they they have 1 truck and 3 employees, you might want to stay away from that company. Unless you’re on a tight budget and don’t have any valuables.

Check The Rates $$$How to choose a moving company

If the rates are really low, that could mean that the company can’t afford to hire quality people. You might want the best rate but you want to make sure you get quality in return. You know what they say, “You get what you pay for”. I’ve heard countless of stories about nightmare movers. Make sure they are insured, and a registered business and not just borrowing dad’s truck for the weekend.


I Hope You Have a Better Understanding on How to Choose a Moving Company.

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