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Manpower & Muscle

From moving large specialty items or just needed muscle ... we've got your back!


Experienced Manpower & Muscle You Can Depend On!

When it comes to moving large items, the Go Moving team has your back!  Moving large items requires skill, great care, planning and well … muscle. Our professional movers have the experience to deliver the manpower or muscle you need, from moving large specialty items to re-arranging furniture to clean-outs and junk removal.

We Move Large Items like Piano’s, Pool Tables, Jacuzzi’s with ease!

We make it look easy, because we have the experience, tools and training to move large items.


Pianos range in size and weight – from smaller uprights weighing 300 pounds, to elegant grand pianos weighing over 1,200 pounds. Our team of expert piano movers will go through the proper steps to ensure that your treasured piano safely arrives at your destination. Each piano is moved according to the unique design of the piano. Our professional movers will discuss the options with you and develop a plan for the best possible move of your cherished instrument.

Pool Tables are also unique in how they must be handled during transit. At Go Moving, we understand that moving a pool table is not like moving a couch. There are many more components to a pool table, and if not handled properly – breaking or warping is very possible. Our technicians have been properly trained at pool table moving and will carefully disassemble, wrap, move and reassemble your pool table. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Jacuzzi’s or Hot Tubs are difficult to move. Whether you are moving it to a new location or just want to get rid of it, Go Moving has the manpower and muscle to get the job done. Our experienced movers can get your hot tub out or in to tight spaces. Every job is a little different, depending on access, size and final destination of the hot tub itself. Give us a call today, toll free (800) 447-MOVE (6683), and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific moving needs.

Large Furniture can also be difficult for the average person to move. Modular, industrial and commercial furniture is often oddly shaped and very heavy. We have the large furniture movers who will disassemble (if needed), properly pack, load, unload and reassemble your large items. As with any of our services, Go Moving will provide a free quote to move your large furniture.

Go Moving is a full service moving company including residential moving, apartment movers, commercial movers even packing services. Locally owned and operated, Go Moving has safely and successfully moved families and businesses for over two decades. Whether your move is across the state or across the street, you can count on Go Moving. And, if you just need a big item moved like a piano or a jacuzzi ... we can help there too. Go Moving, the moving company you can rely on with reputable and reliable service with reasonable rates. Call us toll free (800) 447-MOVE today for a free price quote, or visit us online at www.GoMoving.com

Auto transport is another unique service provided by Go Moving. Whether you need a vehicle moved as part of relocation, or you have a broken-down vehicle which needs to be towed to a mechanic or scrapyard – Go Moving has the equipment and technicians to move your vehicle! Go Moving’s auto transport can be accomplished in either an open or closed method, depending on your needs. Call us today or simply complete the online quote process in order to receive your free estimate!

Personalized Moving Service

From complete packing and unpacking, to packing or moving only the choice is yours. If you want us to just move the big stuff, we can do that. If you need everything loaded into a container … we can do that too! At Go Moving we deliver your way. Either way you can rest assured your valued possessions will be handled like it was ours.

Stay Organized and Focused

Moving can be overwhelming. Allow our knowledgeable staff to guide you through the entire moving process. Go Moving will start with an analysis of your moving needs. Once our professional movers have a comprehensive understanding of your situation, we can offer our extensive range of services:

Local & Long Distance Moves

Residential & Commercial including complete packing services.

Manpower & Muscle

Get professional movers for home staging, furniture arrangement, load & unload, moving large items like Pianos and Jacuzzi's ... our experienced staff will get the job done!

Packing Services

Professional wrapping, boxing and labeling.

Business & Relocation Moves

IT moves, industrial items, modular furniture, corporate relocation's... we do it all!

Loading & Unloading

Packing/unpacking items from your rental truck, storage container, or vehicle and moving them to where directed.

Clutter & Junk Removal

Removal of junk and clutter from your home or office makes the move much easier.

Click or Call – the choice is yours. Free online and phone quotes are based on either competitive hourly rates or a point system which includes the number of items to be moved, weight, size and distance. This allows Go Moving to provide an accurate quote, and it allows customers the ability to better manage the cost of moving.